Current Research

Anchoring Bias in Annuity Choices - an Experimental Investigation Co-authored with Abigail Hurwitz and Eyal Winter.
To view article press here.


Are the Life and Death of an Early Stage Venture Indeed in the Power of the Tongue? Lessons from Online

Crowdfunding Pitches - (2017)
co-authored with Hadar Gafni and Dan Marom. To view article press here.
Recieved the 2014 Coller Institute of Venture award.
-     2013 Crowdfunding Conference, July 12013 Boulder, Colorado (co-author)

-     2013 CEPR First European Workshop on Entrepreneurship Economics; Amsterdam, 15-16 November

-     2013 XXI Finance Forum in Segovia on November 14th and 15th, 2013 (co-author )

-     2014 AFE meeting, Philadelphia (2014)

-     2014 SMS Tel Aviv (co-author, 2014)

-     2016 AEA

-     Finance Seminars: BI (Oslo, Norway), NYU Shanghai


Gender Dynamics in Crowdfunding: Evidence on Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Deals from Kickstarter – co authored with Dan Marom and Alicia Robb. To view article press here.

-     2013 UC Berkeley Workshop on Crowdfunding (co-author )

-     2014 Strategic Management Society meeting in Tel Aviv (co-author )

-     2014 Academy of Management meeting (co-author )

-     2014 Diana conference in Stockholm (co-author )

-     2014 Financial Modeling and Capital Markets conference in Jerusalem

-     2015 Utah Winter Finance Conference

-     2015 Development of Securities Markets. Trends, Risks and Policies, Bocconi Milan

-     2015 First Israel behavioral finance conference, Tel-Aviv

-     2016 AFA

-     Seminars: NYU Shanghai, Fudan, China, Hebrew University (*2), CAS- Or Yehuda


An Investigation of Time Preferences, Life Expectancy and Annuity versus Lump-Sum Choices –  Can Smoking Harm Long-Term Saving Decisions? Co-authored with Abigail Hurwitz . To view the article press here.

-     2016 Financial Literacy Research and Practice conference (co-author )

-     2016 IRMC, Jerusalem (co-author)

-     2016 Incentives and Behavior Change Conference, TAU (poster, co-author)

-     2016 ESA International Meeting in Jerusalem (co-author)

-     2016 CEAR Workshop: Risk Literacy – Methods and Applications, Naples, Italy (co-author)

-     2016 Research in Behavioral Finance Conference (RBFC), Amsterdam (co-author)

-     2017 10th Financial Risks International Forum, Paris (poster, co-author)

-    2017 Second Israel Behavioral Finance Conference

-     2017 Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making (SPUDM 26) (co-author)

-     2017   IAREP Conference – Leveraging Behavioral Insights (co-author)

-     2018 The annual Netspar International Pension Workshop (co-author)

-     Seminars: IDC, EIEF Rome



Does Financial Regulation Unintentionally Ignore Less Privileged Populations? Co-authored with Maya Haran Rosen . To view the article press here.

-     2016 Industrial Organization, Regulation and Competition Policy in Israel

-    2017  Law and Finance Hebrew University  (co-author)

-     2017 10th Financial Risks International Forum, Paris

-     2017 IRMC, Florence

-     2017 Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making (SPUDM 26)

-     2017 Data for Policy - ‘Government by Algorithm?’ London (co-author)

-     2017  IAREP Conference – Leveraging Behavioral Insights (co-author)

-     Seminars: Hebrew University (interdisciplinary)


Out-Of-Pocket vs. Out-Of-Profit in Financial Advisory Fees: Evidence from the Lab Co-authored with Yevgeny Mugerman and Eyal Winter. To view the article press here.

-     2017 The North American ESA-SEF Conference (co-author)