Current Research

  • Are the Life and Death of an Early Stage Venture Indeed in the Power of the Tongue? Lessons from Online
    Crowdfunding Pitches - (2013)
    co-authored with Dan Marom
    Recieved the 2014 Coller Institute of Venture award
    -    2013 Crowdfunding Conference, July 12013 Boulder, Colorado (co-author)
    -    2013 CEPR First European Workshop on Entrepreneurship Economics; Amsterdam, 15-16 November, 2013
    -    2013 XXI Finance Forum in Segovia on November 14th and 15th, 2013 (co-author)
    -    2014 Association of Financial Economists meeting (2014 ASSA) Philadelphia, Jan 2014
    -    2014 SMS Tel Aviv (co-author)
  • Gender Dynamics in Crowdfunding: Evidence on Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Deals from Kickstarter – co authored with Dan Marom and Alicia Robb 
    -    2013 UC Berkeley Workshop on Crowdfunding (co-author)
    -    2014 Stratigic Managment Society Meeting in Tel Aviv (co-author)
    -    2014 Financial Modeling and Capital Markets conference in Jerusalem
    -    2015 Utah Winter finance Conference 
    -    2015 The Development of Securities, Markets, Trends, Risks and Policies. Bocconi, Milan 
    -    2015 First Israel behavioral finance conference, Tel-Aviv 
    -    2016 AFA (expected) 
  • Long Term Savings Decisions: Inertia, Peer Effects and Ethnicity (2013) co-authored with Yevgeny Mugerman and Moses Shayo    
    -    2012 Dauphine-Amundi Chair in Asset Management workshop (co-author)
    -    2013 European winter finance conference, Switzerland
  • “Ambiguity and Overconfidence” co-authored with Menachem Brenner and Yehuda Izhakian
    -    FUR 2010, Britain (co-author)
    -    Experimental finance, Innsbruck, Sep 2011 (co-author)
  • “Leopard does not change his spots: evidence from hedge fund activism” (2011) with Emmanuel Zur
    -    2010 CRSP conference 
  • Endogenizing Bidders Choice in Divisible Goods Auctions (2009) co-authored with Menachem Brenner and Dan Galai