Current Research

Robo-Advisor Adoption, Willingness to Pay, and Trust – An Experimental Investigation

Co-authored with Daniel Ben-David.

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Can Mandatory Minimum Annuity Laws Have Unintended Consequences? - An Experimental Investigation 

Co-authored with Abigail Hurwitz and Eyal Winter  (previous titled: Anchoring Bias in Annuity Choices - an Experimental Investigation).
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  • 10th Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium and 3rd Maastricht Behavioral Economic Policy Symposium 2017, June 2017 (co-author)
  • The Second Coller Incentives and Behavior Change Conference (CCBE), July 2017 (co-author)-     
  • IAREP 2017 - Leveraging Behavioral Insights (COMAS), September 2017 (co-author)
  • The Second Showcasing Women in Finance Conference, Miami, March 2018, (co-author)
  • Seminar on Aging, Retirement and Pensions: Trends, Challenges and Policy, Ashkelon, March 2018
  • ESA – Berlin (co-author), 2018
  • Pension reforms and behavioral perspectives on pensions FU Berlin, 2018
  • Seminar: Bar-Ilan University

Out-Of-Pocket vs. Out-Of-Investment in Financial Advisory Fees: Evidence from the Lab 

Co-authored with Yevgeny Mugerman and Eyal Winter To view article press here 


  • 2017 The North American ESA-SEF Conference (co-author)
  • 2018 ESA – Berlin – expected
  • 2018 Experimental Finance, Heidelberg University

When Implementing Fintech Advancement, Does Financial Regulation Unintentionally Ignore Less Privileged Populations? The Investigation of Regulatory Change, Objective and Subjective Financial Literacy 

Co-authored with Maya Haran Rosen To view article press here  


  • 2016 Industrial Organization, Regulation and Competition Policy in Israel
  • 2017 Law and Finance Hebrew University  (co-author)
  • 2017 10th Financial Risks International Forum, Paris
  • 2017 IRMC, Florence
  • 2017 Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making (SPUDM 26)
  • 2017 Data for Policy - ‘Government by Algorithm?’ London (co-author)
  • 2017 IAREP Conference – Leveraging Behavioral Insights (co-author)
  •  2018 FUR, York Britain (co-author)
  •   2018 Pension reforms and behavioral perspective on pensions FU Berlin (co-author)
  • Seminars: Hebrew University (interdisciplinary)

Gender Dynamics in Crowdfunding: Evidence on Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Deals from Kickstarter 

Co authored with Dan Marom and Alicia Robb. To view article press here.

  • 2013 UC Berkeley Workshop on Crowdfunding (co-author )
  • 2014 Strategic Management Society meeting in Tel Aviv (co-author )
  • 2014 Academy of Management meeting (co-author )
  • 2014 Diana conference in Stockholm (co-author )
  • 2014 Financial Modeling and Capital Markets conference in Jerusalem
  • 2015 Utah Winter Finance Conference
  • 2015 Development of Securities Markets. Trends, Risks and Policies, Bocconi Milan
  • 2015 First Israel behavioral finance conference, Tel-Aviv
  • 2016 AFA
  • Seminars: NYU Shanghai, Fudan, China, Hebrew University (*2), CAS- Or Yehuda


An Investigation of Time Preferences, Life Expectancy and Annuity versus Lump-Sum Choices –  Can Smoking Harm Long-Term Saving Decisions? 

Co-authored with Abigail Hurwitz . To view the article press here.


  • 2016 Financial Literacy Research and Practice conference (co-author )
  • 2016 IRMC, Jerusalem (co-author)
  • 2016 Incentives and Behavior Change Conference, TAU (poster, co-author)
  • 2016 ESA International Meeting in Jerusalem (co-author)
  • 2016 CEAR Workshop: Risk Literacy – Methods and Applications, Naples, Italy (co-author)
  • 2016 Research in Behavioral Finance Conference (RBFC), Amsterdam (co-author)
  • 2017 10th Financial Risks International Forum, Paris (poster, co-author)
  • 2017 Second Israel Behavioral Finance Conference
  • 2017 Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making (SPUDM 26) (co-author)
  • 2017   IAREP Conference – Leveraging Behavioral Insights (co-author)
  • 2018 The annual Netspar International Pension Workshop (co-author)
  • 2018 CEAR/MRIC Behavioral Insurance Workshop, Munich
  • Seminars: IDC, EIEF Rome